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Nurturing The Next Generation Of Leaders

Hillel Park School is offering an affordable, private school. Grounded in an inclusive 'Christian ethos',  we aim to blend the best of the old world and new ‘technological’ world school model - from both state and private schools - to create a world class learning hub. This will include one day 'hybrid' learning in-school.   


Influenced by the scriptures, we will work with a range of family units, for the best outcome for ALL children.    


Over the next 4 years (2022-2026), our Board of Trustees and Parent Council, plan to provide up to 196 places from nursery to Year 11. In a singular space, children will receive almost a lifetimes education (ages 4 to 16 years).    


Academic brilliance and resilience will be characteristics we plan to nurture in all of our students. We plan to work with parents to build strong and determined pupils, who are resilient to change and challenge. We aim to cultivate a school population with a solution-focused, growth mindset. The ability to instil a high level of resilience in our learners is equally as important to us as nurturing academic brilliance.     


Through partnership with parents, we aim to discover the gifts of each child, remove the barriers to learning and lead young people to realise their full potential. Our SEN provision, will support children with associated  learning needs, to work seamlessly in our mainstream environment. This approach will provide your child the freedom to flourish.


Below we have showcased the aspirational community work we have been doing in education, in partnership with large corporations, industry executives and schools. We will continue to build on this inspirational work within our school.    


Headteacher's statement - Mrs Karen Bryson


Karen Bryson.jpg

Founder Mrs K. Bryson

Our Vision

To create changemakers and leaders by delivering world-class Christian education in an inspiring, inclusive learning environment

Our Mission

To deliver a world-class inclusive Christian education, in an inspiring, learning environment. Pupils will be prepared to be the next generation of future leaders, who are proud of their British heritage, have an international mindset and a passionate desire for a fairer and more equal world.

Join Us In Creating A New
'HYBRID School' Model

Are you a committed parent, looking for an independent school with:

  • A strong 'faith-based' moral compass, based on an inclusive Christian ethos 

  • An inspiring culturally rich and relevant education 

  • Expert pastoral care  

  • Academic excellence based on high expectations 

  • Small inclusive 'dyslexia-friendly' classes 

  • A strong, innovative FOREST school

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Our History

Hillel Park School began in 2007 as Bright Futures in the London Borough of Islington. Follow the link below to read more about our beginnings.


Our sister company (Bright Futures 4 All)' is delivering the following online schooling benefits based on small classes:


1. Greater interaction and retention of learning due to small classes


2. Greater parental control -  can daily assess and track your child’s learning.

3. Online education can support a range of learning styles. 


4. Online learning enhances children's digital skills- the hybrid format prevents loss of learning.


5. With an internet connection, there are no geographical barriers.

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This is the way we do education. We are aspirational for our pupils and seek to make connections with role models that have a heart for our children and the work we do in schools. 


Here are some of the professionals who are partnering with us, to help inspire and prepare our children for a range of career fields. 

  Georgia Wilson  

Georgia Wilson.jpg


Head of  Finance Global Switch

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend.jpg

Social Influencer from the London Borough of Croydon - My Superpower: ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia!

Lara Jonah

Lara Jonah.jpg

Registered and Chartered Forensic Psychologist
Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMP)
National Specialist Lead for Domestic Abuse Interventions

Roy Francis

Roy Francis.jpg

Historian & author of: ‘How to Make Gospel Music Work For You’   

His book launch at Archbishop Tenison’s (Croydon) School, inspired the next generation

Nicole Mason

Nicole Mason.jpg

Team leader – Civil service
Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

More inspirational talks and presentations will be coming soon. 

Our Partners


Hillel Park School

195a Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0 2ET, United Kingdom

Tel - 0207 062 7123 / 07835 878283

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