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Why choose Hillel Park School for Hybrid Schooling?

With 1.2 billion children in 186 countries affected by school closures due to COVID-19, HYBRID schooling has risen to the challenge by tackling the dramatic change in education.

Our HYBRID Schooling was introduced to tackle the effects of COVID-19 and allow continuity of children’s education. No loss of learning. Flexible teaching means flexible pupils, who are resilient to changing to learn both offline and online. 


At Hillel Park School, (HPS) we aim to deliver on average 3 days in school (off line) and 2 days Virtually (online). Parents can have the best of both worlds. However, parents living anywhere in the world can access the learning full-time online. Here, the virtual classroom is effective and sustains a consistent routine.


Here, the virtual classroom is effective and sustains a consistent routine

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Virtual schooling with methods to allow for child interaction, a combination of structure and freedom

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Pupils’ attention span has been shown not to wane during online classes. 

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Classes can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection

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Set up originally in 2008, our sister company Bright Futures 4 All, has provided a personalised and holistic service in the crowded world of tutoring. (HPS) aims to continue to offer a child-centred education service in consultation with parents/carers and in partnership with other schools. This triangular relationship is the key to the success of our clients

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Our HYBRID SCHOOL is positioned to deliver online schooling with the following benefits: 1. Increase child retention via online schooling as suggested by research. 2. Improve a child’s digital skills through the use of Interactive White Boards. 3. Enhance child interaction in real-time via online tools

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- Utilise Reliable Hardware 

- Diligent Online Safety Standards 

- Consistent Cyber Security Policies 

- Productive channels of interaction and feedback. 

- Use Interactive White Boards with IQ 

- Allow for Real-Time Interaction from Teachers & Pupils With these in place we continue to sustain child creativity.


With these in place, we continue to sustain child creativity.

With a large number of our pupils homeschooling, both our ‘hybrid’ and virtual classrooms provide an ambience that promotes child interactivity. It also allows ‘visible real-time annotation’ from either child or tutor. All edits are then digitally stored for future use or instant sharing.

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