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In an increasingly digital world, technology serves as an incredibly powerful tool to educate and shape young minds. Digital schooling serves to instruct students through multimedia (i.e. video, graphics, and audio) rather than using traditional face to face learning. Despite not having a ‘bricks and mortar' school, our teachers teach children everything from their ABCs in Reception Class to the different parts of a human body in our GCSE lessons (we host a ‘day school’ and an after-school provision).


Our VIRTUAL SCHOOL is positioned to deliver online schooling with the following benefits based on small classes:



  1. Greater interaction and retention of learning due to small classes. Our class numbers are less than half the size of standard classrooms. Our strong relationships with our pupils and parents, allows us to better support our students and cater for their individual needs.

  2. Parents have greater control and influence on their child’s learning. Parents monitor children and they can hear and understand what and how they learn, alongside new methods of re-enforcing their child's understanding

  3. Parents can daily assess and track their child’s learning. A presentation is emailed home every day, with homework, so students and their parents can consolidate and extend the days learning. This allows parents to assess, track and extend their child’s learning.

  4. Online education can support a range of learning styles. Online learning can accommodate a wide range of learning styles and use a variety of methods geared to different learners (linear or non-linear, visually, verbally, or kinaesthetic). 

  5. With an Internet connection, there are no geographical barriers. The educational resources are available anywhere, so children can study at home, or even while away from home.

  6. Online learning enhances your child's digital skills. Online skills like accessing information, communication, and collaboration are necessary for learning and succeeding, not just in school but in life. Virtual schools improve their computer and Internet proficiency.

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