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Business Admin & Personal Assistant to Headteacher

Job Type : One Year Contract - Part Time (4 Days) 

Location : Croydon/Bromley Area, London (UK) 

Salary : £30,984 

Closing date : 2nd January 2023. Application form only.

Description :  We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, personal assistant to support our Headteacher, SLT and Trustees/governors. This 4 day a week role, requires a candidate who is experienced in working within education and is accustomed to the fast-pace of school environments and school 'jargon'. You must have at least 1 years experience of working in a fast-moving environment, involving some finance and HR duties, as well as diary and booking systems management. You must be articulate, have an excellent command of written and spoken English. A passion for Christian education is desirable.


School Aims:

We aim to provide a school experience which:

· In its breadth introduces each student to the fullness of a life rooted in the love of God.

· In its balance establishes attitudes, which produce concern for truth and respect for others.

· In its relevance enables each student to make her contribution to society with dignity and faith.

· Respects the uniqueness of each individual regardless of gender, race, faith, social background or ability.

· Serves to develop a sureness to stand against all that undermines dignity of self and of others.



· To fulfil the role of Personal Assistant (PA) to the Headteacher and perform all necessary tasks requested by the Headteacher. To undertake a full range of secretarial and administrative duties to the Headteacher and to ensure the efficient and effective running of the Headteachers’ offices.

· To organise, manage and administrate cover for absent staff, including planned and unplanned absences, room changes and bookings, cover for events and liaising with supply agencies, and signing off timesheets and checking invoices for days and hours worked.

· To support the Headteacher in the administration of timetable maintenance through the year as required.

· To develop and maintain a high level of Microsoft Teams and other ICT administration skills to a senior level.


Assistant Duties

1. To assist the Headteacher in organising her administrative workload recommending items to be dealt with in order of priority.

2. Ensure that the Headteacher responds to particular issues and actions within timescales identified in any agreed priority action list.

3. Maintain the Headteachers’ diary, arranging appointments as appropriate, and ensuring that she is adequately briefed on matters to be discussed.

4. Make travel arrangements for the Headteacher, as required.

5. Provide care for visitors, including the provision of refreshments and hospitality.

6. To act as first point of contact for the Headteacher and deal with a very wide variety of written, electronic, personal and telephone enquiries in a professional manner, redirecting where appropriate. This aspect of the role requires high levels of courtesy and effectiveness in dealing with other people. The Assistant will need to ask questions, seek clarification and exchange information using tact and diplomacy.

7. To set up efficient and effective office management systems and procedures, for example filing, answering phones, organising electronic and other mail and correspondence and using the text system.

8. Assemble and prepare papers required by the Headteacher to attend meetings, prepare reports, and reply to requests for information.

9. Handle all confidential correspondence with discretion and a clear understanding of the highly confidential nature of the work within the Headteachers’ office.

10. To ensure that all enquiries and correspondence are dealt with promptly and effectively, in a manner that promotes a positive image of the school.

11. Liaise with senior leadership colleagues concerning priorities, deadlines, policies and procedures.

12. Liaise with the Deputy Business Manager over matters involving staff recruitment and organise the schedules for interviews and administer interview days.

13. Ensure the maintenance of clear and effective filing, records and other systems and to keep them updated.

14. Administer staff references when requested.

15. To act as a first point of contact within the school for all those seeking contact with the Headteacher and filter, when appropriate to member of the SLT.

16. To comply with and assist in the development of policies and procedures updating and publishing policies and liaising with the clerk to the governors to ensure governors follow the schedule of policy review.

17. To demonstrate a commitment to Equality of Opportunity for all members of the school community.

18. To manage the Headteachers’ diary effectively, including the organisation of regular and irregular internal and external meetings.

19. To keep up-to-date and accurate records, files and retrieval systems of a secure and appropriate nature. This may involve setting up brought-forward system

20. To maintain and keep policy documents and electronic files up to date

21. To liaise with the Clerk to the Governors to produce Governance documentation as required.

22. To liaise with the Clerk to the Governors to ensure all Governors’ correspondence is acknowledged, sorted and referred on to appropriate channels, to meet required service standards. To respond to routine enquires and draft straightforward responses to formal correspondence requiring Governor approval, to ensure both school and business requirements are met.

23. To create and manage the electronic school calendar in conjunction with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers.

24. To manage the school mailboxes on a daily basis.

25. To take and type up minutes of meetings as required ensuring minutes are published within a 2-day turnaround.

26. To manage the Headteachers’ files.

27. To deal with the Headteachers’ post and correspondence on a daily basis.

28. To ensure the Headteachers’ office is stocked with relevant stationery and materials.

29. To make orders for supplies as required and follow the school’s financial policy.

30. To produce the annual staff handbook and any other documents required by the Headteacher.

31. To access the parent mail and texting system to parents and staff remotely as directed by the Headteacher in cases of school closure.

32. To manage the process of interview days, coordinating tours, refreshments, ensuring candidates arrive to different activities safely.

33. To ensure SIP and SEF documentation is kept securely and schedules organised.

34. To take minutes of HR-related and other confidential meetings.

35. To secure any confiscated student items – jewellery, phones etc.

36. Adhere to GDPR processes in the management of staff files and handling of information and sharing.

37. To provide administrative support to the Deputy Head teacher.


Parental Communication:

1. To display due courtesy and tact to all staff, parents and pupils, to ensure that visitors are welcomed into a friendly and professional environment.

2. To produce letters, reports and documents for parents.

3. To deal with all phone calls and personal enquiries efficiently, effectively and professionally.

4. To arrange and assist with parent meetings with the Headteacher as requested, including booking rooms, providing refreshments, preparation of materials and minute taking, in order to ensure their timeliness and smooth-running.



1. To undertake training and development relevant to the post and in line with the school’s priorities.

2. To undertake any other reasonable professional duties as directed by the Headteacher.

3. To follow and comply with school policies.

4. To engage with professional development and participate in the school’s annual appraisal cycle.

5. To be a positive spokesperson and advocate for the school at all times.


Applying for the job  

Candidates wishing to apply for this position are invited to send:  

1. The application form

2. A cover letter including details of any additional information 

3. A video (no longer than 2 minutes) or a written explanation of not more than 500 words describing the knowledge and skills that are needed to be an excellent Personal Assistant to Headteacher / Business Admin - and how you know you've got them  


To contact the school for an informal conversation or to arrange a visit, please contact us on - +44 (0) 20 7062 7123 / 07835 878283  


Please send all submissions to

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